What is a Wellstep Classic?

A Wellstep Classic is a year-long activity competition divided into 4 stages. The four stages consist of 90 km of cross-country skiing, 300 km of cycling, 3 miles of running/walking and 3 km of swimming. If you reach the finish line before the deadline in all the stages, you have completed your Wellstep Classic and receive a nice diploma.

Wellstep has a standard arrangement of dates and the order in which the stages are done, but it is possible to change the order and dates. The important thing is that all 4 steps are done within 12 months and only one of the stages can run simultaneously.

Activities are registered either in the Wellstep app or by logging in here on the website. On the competition page, you follow your own and your colleagues’ path to the finish line on a virtual route between selected locations.

Cross-country skiing “from Sälen to Mora” – 90 km

This step is best carried out during the period December – March when there is hopefully the possibility of cross-country skiing outdoors. If there is no snow, in some places in Sweden it is possible to ski indoors with artificial snow or you can register, for example, a cross-trainer instead.

The distance to be covered corresponds to the 90 km stretch between Sälen and Mora, and along the way you will pass several well-known destinations. The virtual route with your results can be followed in the challenge when logged into your Wellstep account.

In this step the following activities can be recorded:

  • Cross-country skiing
  • Crosstrainer
  • Roller skis
  • Ski machine (upright rower)
  • Nordic Walking

Cycling “around Vättern” – 300 km

Many have cycled the classic route around Vättern, which is about 300 km, and in the Wellstep classic you have plenty of time to get all the way around. We recommend doing the cycling session in spring and summer. Starting in May and finishing in July, the average is about 3 km per day.

In this step the following activities can be recorded:

  • Cycling
  • Mountain bike
  • Spinning
  • Exercise bike
  • Arm bike

Run or walk “around Lidingö” – 30 km

The distance around Lidingö is around 30 km and you choose whether you want to drive the corresponding distance at once or divide it into smaller pieces. The idea is not to count all the steps you take in a day but to record a specific walk or run. The minimum distance that can be recorded at any one time is 3 km.

It is recommended that this step be carried out during a slightly shorter period than the others, preferably during a few weeks in September.

In this step the following activities can be recorded:

  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Walk

Swim “in Vansbro” – 3 km

We recommend that you do the swimming session in the fall. The distance to be swum is 3 km long and with one or two sessions a week in the swimming pool, it is no problem to reach the goal in time. If you cannot swim, you can replace this step with a rowing machine, which is available in most gyms.

In this step the following activities can be recorded:

  • Swimming
  • Rowing machine

How does a Wellstep Classic work?

The Wellstep Classic is a simple program that motivates people to exercise throughout the year. As one element is done at a time, and all participants do the same type of activities, this encourages joint activities and initiatives.

The Wellstep Classic is an individual challenge that is primarily about everyone completing the route according to their own ability. It is also possible to see each participant’s individual results in km. If you wish, you can also recognize the best participants in each stage, either with the most km at the end date and/or who finished first.

Pep along the way

Before the first session, all participants receive information about the challenge and login details. Before the start of the next three sessions, an email is also sent to all participants with information.

The race page includes information on whether you can reach the finish line at your current pace and tips on how much you need to move per day to reach the finish line on time. A personal coach, pure and simple!

Getting started

Starting a classic is easy, all you have to do is submit the names and email addresses of the participants. You can do this either through the order form on this website or by contacting us by email. We will then contact you to agree on the order and dates in which you want to do each step.

You can either send us an excel file with the participants’ details or we will set up a registration form where the participants themselves fill in their name and email address.

Before the first session starts, we send an email to all participants with information and login details.

More features

At the end of the classic, participants are invited to answer some simple questions about exercise habits and the like. The results of the survey can be of great help to you as a company when evaluating and planning new wellness activities in the future.

To motivate each other, you can write posts and upload pictures on the competition page. Cheer on team members, tell your colleagues about fun activities, start training initiatives and more.

Wellstep is available in both Swedish and English. Login information can be sent out in both Swedish or English, and each participant can choose which language to use when logging in.

Your fitness level is an important resource for having the energy and stamina to do what we want to do. Wellstep includes a question-based test where all participants can test their own fitness and find out how good their breathing is. This test can be performed as many times as desired during the competition.

The test gives you a test value. The recommendation for a sedentary office job is a test value of at least 35. This is roughly what you need to oxygenate your body and brain for a full working day and have energy left afterwards. This is also a limit value so as not to risk ill health related to fitness. To achieve a test value of 35, you need to regularly perform about half an hour of heart rate-raising exercise daily.

Once the test is completed, the participant chooses whether to save the results.

The question-based fitness test is available in all competitions organized by Wellstep and is based on an adaptation of a published scientific article in Medicine and Science in Sports.

Contact us for more information

Contact us if you have any questions about the features of the classic, cost and how to get started.