Get a successful wellness initiative with an activity challenge.

An important factor in the success of a wellness initiative is the ability to choose activities based on interest. What’s fun and what suits your fitness level is very individual.

Therefore, this type of challenge is a good step in the company’s wellness efforts where each participant can do something on their own or together with others. Doing something together increases motivation and makes it easier to get going on the activities, so that they actually happen.

1 minute = 1 point

The activity challenge is based on the simple concept of 1 minute for 1 point. This allows everyone to participate and compete on equal terms.

Activities for everyone!

The important thing is not what you do, but that you actually exercise and move regularly. With over 60 different activities, there is something for everyone!

No pedometers

In the activity challenge, you don’t need a pedometer as it’s the time that counts. This reduces both cost and administration for you.

How does the activity challenge work?

How does the activity challenge work?

Registering activities

To register activities, log in to the competition page, by logging in here on the website or in the Wellstep app.

On the competition page, you simply fill in the number of minutes and the activity performed. There are around 60 activities to choose from. An activity must be carried out for at least 15 minutes.

Activity objectives

The goal of the activity challenge is to be active for at least 30 minutes per day on average. On the competition page, you can see your own and your colleagues’ results in both points and percentages. A score of 100% means an average of 30 minutes of activity per day for the days of the competition.

As a participant, you will see how many weeks and which of the challenge weeks you have achieved the goal.


Every Monday at 12 noon, “awards” are given to the participant and team that has accumulated the most points during the previous week.

More features of the activity challenge

You can compete as a team or individually.

In the team competition, the number of points and percentages for each team can be seen on the competition page.

If the teams are of different sizes, an average value is calculated and it is thus possible to have groups of different sizes.

You can create personal challenges, such as a 100-minute walk per week, and follow the results on the competition page.

At the end of the activity challenge, participants are invited to answer a few simple questions about exercise habits and such. The results of the survey can be of great help to you as a company when evaluating the challenge and planning new wellness activities in the future.

Your fitness level is an important resource for having the energy and stamina to do what we want to do. Wellstep now includes a question-based test where all participants can test their own fitness and find out how good it really is. The test can be performed as many times as desired during the competition.

The test gives you a so-called test value. The recommendation if you have a sedentary office job is a test value of at least 35. This is roughly what you need to oxygenate your body and brain for a full working day and have energy left afterwards. It is also considered to be a threshold for not risking ill health related to the fitness level. To achieve a test value of 35, you need to do about half an hour of pulse-raising exercise every day.

At the end of the test, the participant chooses whether to save the results.

The question-based fitness test is available in both activity challenges and step competitions and is based on an adaptation of a published scientific article in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

To motivate each other, you can write post on the competition page. Cheer on your team members, tell your colleagues about fun activities or why not brag about your new points! A message can either be displayed to all participants or only to your team.

Wellstep is available in both Swedish and English. Login information can be sent out in both Swedish or English, and each participant can choose which language to use when logging in.

If you want to divide the participants into sections, you can do so and compare the different sections with each other. With departments, the results are displayed in three levels: individual, team and department.

Do you have questions about the activity challenge?

Contact us if you have any questions about the features of the challenge, how to get started or if you have any special requests.

More features of the activity challenge


Do you want a simple competition or one with more features? The Activity Challenge Premium includes features that provide extra engagement and motivation.

Tag other participants and get extra points

What do our customers think?

  • A really fun way to exercise, we have triggered each other and really worked for the department to get a good placement. It’s also nice that everyone can participate and contribute, you don’t have to be in top shape or fit.
  • What we have noticed most is that we are not as tired anymore and we will continue to move as much afterwards!
  • It has been fun to be involved. I feel better, happier and have lost a few kilos.
  • A great kick in the butt.
  • The competition has led to nice conversations with people in the company who would otherwise not have been in contact.

Get started in 3 easy steps

1. Order here on the website or contact us by phone or email.

2. Upload a list with your name, email address & team division in the order form or send to us by email.


Use a registration page like:

3. We send a welcome email to all participants with instructions and login details.


If you want to get started within a few days, getting started with Wellstep is quick and easy.

Test login to the activity challenge

Test login to the activity challenge

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